The Exedra pocket door system from Salice allows you to optimise space, add functionality all while keeping a refined elegance with your furniture when not in use. It can be used in wide range of applications - kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Featuring an assisted sliding action enhanced by linear damping to gently control movement of the door. The  system delivers a smooth, fluent, uniform and noiseless movement, regardless of the speed of door insertion.

  • Max. door weight: up to 30 kg, dependent on door size
  • Door thickness from 18mm to 30mm
  • Door width from 400mm to 900mm
  • Door height from 1550mm to 2530mm (1333mm is the minimum but not advised)
  • Optional Smove damper allows the door to shut quietly and gently
  • Vertical, horizontal, and front door adjustment

The Exedra system is made to order your specific requirements and delivered ready to simply install on site. 

Current lead times are around 3-4 weeks from ordering.

Prices usually range from £730 (exc. VAT) per door for the basic system. Optional extras include cover strips, guide channels and fixing clips.

Delivery costs also apply.

To enquire please complete the form below and return to sales@salicedirect.com

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