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Salice Wind Push to Open Lift System

Covers ordered separately
Covers ordered separately
Magnetic catches ordered separately
Magnetic catches ordered separately
  • £92.24
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This is priced and sold per kit. Please note, covers are ordered separately here.

This listing is for the model featuring integrated push-to-open mechanism.

Please note the magnetic catches are sold separately. You need to purchase:

1 x DPMB289 Magnetic Release Device

1 x DP39XXG Adjustable Magnetic Retaining Catch

For cabinets more than 400mm high it is recommended to use two magnetic catches.

For technical information and fitting instructions please see the pdf below:

 Salice Wind Technical Brochure

The new Salice Wind lift system is a revolutionary new product. Combining the highest levels of performance with smooth and perfectly controlled movement, this new lift system has strong functional appeal and takes up a minimum of valuable storage space; thanks to these features, it can be used in both small and large cabinets.

Wind is a completely mechanical system characterised by easy and fast tool- free installation to the door and the cabinet. In addition to the standard three-directional adjustments of door position - height, sideways and depth, it is also possible to adjust the decelerating effect in relationship to the size and the weight of the door.

Extremely versatile, Wind is suitable for a vast range of furniture applications: office furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, living- and bedroom furniture.

Wind is available in numerous attractive finishes to harmonise perfectly with all cabinet interiors.